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VPZ and UKVIA fight back for Scotland Vapers.

VPZ and UKVIA fight back for Scotland Vapers.

The fight to keep click-and-collect options open has been led by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) and UK’s leading vaping retailer VPZ. 

This has been spurred on by recent studies founds that nearly a quarter of smoking Scots have said that they are smoking more since the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

First Minister Nichola Sturgeon announced the Government would be revisiting the use of click & collect services from “non-essential retailers”.

UKVIA has already called out the UK Government to reclassify vape shops this year, maintaining that vape shops should be considered “essential retail” as England entered its third national lockdown.

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Sarah - February 17, 2021

Well if she is happy to send our babies back to school so soon, why not open up the shops again.
Seriously I personally feel it’s a joke! Yes I get that the kids need to be at school, but it’s not safe to have a shop open where they can control the flow in and out of the shop but it’s ok to send like 120 kids back to mix with each other, parents to mix at the school gates because let’s face it we all stop and natter, why not just open up shops again? Yes there is always the option to order stuff online and delivery options mean most places offer either next day or at least 48 hrs delivery which has been amazing but a click and collect option would probably be more beneficial to some.

And that’s definitely a shocking fact that people are smoking more, I suppose stress has pushed the figures up which is a shame.

And il leave this now with a vision of a SuperGood army coming to the rescue, butters and cocktails side by side riding in on horse back shouting FFFFRRRREEEEDDDOOOOMMMM

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