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In-Store Click & Collect

Do you ever have a day where you order something and thought "Man, I wish I could just collect it today"? Well, wish no longer! Our quick and easy ordering system now allows you to simply click and collect, usually within one hour of placing your order!

Now it's easier than ever to get your fix of Cocktails way before happy hour, or even tucking into a bit of Butter just after lunch! Maybe even make it a little Salty, go nuts!

Simply select to pick up your order at checkout, and your order will be ready to collect within our opening hours! All pickup orders will be contactless in the safest manner possible to provide a safe and pleasant experience.

Important Information

Sometimes our system can develop a brief moment of sentience and skip past the selection screen. If that happens, simply click "return to information" on the lower left and make the needed selection.

Stay Super Safe!

Love, Supergood.

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