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Another COVID-19 Update.

Another COVID-19 Update.

It's that time again, dear vapers. The UK has taken shelter once again to help stem this unrelenting pandemic. All non-essential businesses have closed in an effort to bring the R number down in time for us to have something of a normal Christmas.

While it can be a little uncertain, there is an ending in sight. But you may be thinking if you will still be able to keep up with your vaping needs during this trying time.

Rest assured, Supergood will remain open during this second lockdown, and will still be available to purchase online at, for both delivery and local collections.

Local collections will be carried out in a safe manner in line with Public Health guidelines, including maintaining a 2 metre distance, and colleagues wearing masks during all customer interactions.

We can survive this, just like we did the first time.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands. We will see you again soon.

Love, Supergood.

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