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It's Halloween! Michael says you can have 25% off!
It's Halloween! Michael says you can have 25% off!
News-10k GIVEAWAY Overall Winner | We Are Supergood.

10k GIVEAWAY Overall Winner

Well we're finally here! It's been a long journey but Supergood has finally reached 10 thousand Instagram followers!

Thousands of you eager beavers have entered to win the ultimate prize: A Supergood Overkill Mod, Vaperizzo Narada Pro pod kit, and our entire range of E-Liquids & Salts!

But in the end, there can only be one lucky winner...

And with that it's now time to announce the winner of our Supergood 10k Giveaway!

The winner is: @monaco_mech_man!

Congratulations on the prize! We hope you enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed reaching 10k!

Stay Safe,

Love Supergood.

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